Seared Steak With Crispy Potato Salad (FAIL)

Smooth as butter rare steak, with crispy potatoes, garden fresh tomatoes, crisp green beans, the zing of fresh garlic and the punch of black olives. Sounds amazing doesn't it. Well unfortunately that's not what I got. Instead what I got was steak like old boots and potatoes so soft I could have eaten them with [...]

My Go On Anything Salsa

A fresh zingy salsa that will bring anything to life, we've had it on chicken, fish, potato's, and most recently as a topping on bruschetta. The other weekend we had some friends around and decided to put on a bit of a dinner for them. We didn't want anything too heavy so decided to do [...]

Apparently there is more than one type of tomato plant.

So I have grown tomatoes before and never really realised that they have grown differently. Some have just grown without any help and others have needed some guidance and gentle persuasion to even stand a chance of surviving let alone produce any fruit. Last year my tomatoes failed miserably. Looking back now I know they [...]