Speedy Steak Stir Fry

You want a quick, tasty, healthy dinner, you could do much worse than a stir fry. Roasting the red peppers is genius, it really changes the flavour and makes this stir fry all the better for it. Lemongrass, I have never really thought about lemongrass before. I have used it in cooking, I enjoy the [...]

Balsamic Steak with Red Cabbage and Potato Wedges

Perfectly cooked steak (in my case slightly underdone, it was a funny shaped steak) crispy potatoes wedges with Rosemary and a naturally sweet cabbage with onion and mustard seeds. The steak we had was flank steak which comes from the under belly of the cow by the hind quarters. It is usually long and thin [...]

Seared Steak With Crispy Potato Salad (FAIL)

Smooth as butter rare steak, with crispy potatoes, garden fresh tomatoes, crisp green beans, the zing of fresh garlic and the punch of black olives. Sounds amazing doesn't it. Well unfortunately that's not what I got. Instead what I got was steak like old boots and potatoes so soft I could have eaten them with [...]

Steak Salad with Chimichurri sauce

This is not my recipe, it is from our hello fresh box. www.hellofresh.co.uk This one for me was a no brainier, I knew I was going to love it. My wife on the other hand wasn't so keen and luckily for me she had been out with friends and had a big lunch so... Yes that's [...]

Sumac and Sesame Crusted Steak with Tomato Chickpea Mash and Green Beans

This is not my recipe. This recipe came with our Hello Fresh box. www.hellofresh.com We have a split decision on this one. My wife wasn't that impressed. She said the chickpea mash looked like it was going to have more flavour than it actually did. I do agree with that to a degree but I still [...]