Tuscan Pappardelle with Rich Fennel Pork Ragu

This is such a simple meal, you will be amazed at the amount of flavour it gives you in return. Pappardelle, originating from the Tuscany region and with a name that origins from the word "pappare" which translates to "gobble up"you know that you are in for a treat. The long thick strands allow them [...]


Middle Eastern Spiced Beef Ragout with cous cous, Coriander and Flaked Almonds

This is not my recipe. This recipe came with our Hello Fresh box. www.hellofresh.co.uk Follow the link to the recipe on their website The Recipe This is a fantastic meal. Packed full of flavour this meal delivers everything it's spicy but not too spicy, it's filling but not too filling it's got texture and balance. It gives [...]