Treat Day tomato, Chorizo and Mozzarella Orzo

Just looking at these ingredients you know what this is going to taste like, and this really does live up to the expectations. Great flavour combinations literally stuck together with soft stringy mozzarella.  For a while now I've been banging on about big pasta, you know the Rigatoni', tortellini they carry more flavour and feel [...]

Mexican Cottage Pie

This was one of our favourite dishes, a perfect blend of ingredients that gave more flavour than you expected from the ingredients used.  Using sweet potato was a genius idea from the creators at Hellofresh. It made such a difference than your usual potato mash on top. A nice base of onion, carrot and pepper did [...]

Strolling Rigatoni with Cherry Tomatoes and Mozzarella

I cannot take credit for this, my wife actually cooked this one, but I had to post it. What a surprise, we have been putting this one off all week thinking that it was not as good as any of the others and.. Well.. Looked a bit bland. How wrong we were, every ingredient in [...]