Mushroom,Broccoli and Pancetta Gnocchi

Pan fried gnocchi, crunchy broccoli, earthy mushrooms, parsley and Parmesan. Simple, easy, amazing. We were given another opportunity to pan fry gnocchi. This time we nailed it. There was a slight crispness to the outside with a warm almost fluffy inside. There were few ingredients to this dish but all the ingredients were fresh, full [...]

Learning about my food… Gnocchi

Gnocchi like many foods has murky beginnings and like a Chinese whisper it's variations spread far and wide till it altogether becomes impossible to track it's true origin and design. The word gnocchi is thought to come from the word "nocca" which means knuckles or maybe from the word "knohha" meaning knot, like in wood.  [...]

Jamie’s sausage gnocchi with broccoli and tomato

This is not my recipe. This recipe came with our Hello Fresh box. Follow the link to the recipe on their website  An admission, I thought gnocchi was a type of pasta. Even after tasting it I couldn't tell you what it was. It's like a small dumpling that doesn't really have too much flavour [...]