Pan Seared Sea Bass with New Potatoes and Cucumber-Dill Relish

Soft creamy potatoes, succulent flaky fish with a crispy skin. Fresh crisp lettuce and a zingy relish to bring the dish to life.

You want a midweek, healthy, easy, quick dinner, then look no further. Chop and boil potatoes, done. Pan fry fish until skin is crispy and flesh is white, done. Toss lettuce leaves with some extra virgin, salt and pepper, done. Then all you need to do is make the relish. Chop your onion into the thinnest half moons you can. Skin your cucumber then with a potato peeler peel slices off leaving the seedy centre. Mix them together in a colander with a sprinkling of salt and leave for 10 minutes. The salt will extract the moisture from them. After 10 minutes squeeze the rest of the moisture out. Mix white wine vinegar with some sugar and pour onto the mixture. Just before serving mix in the chopped dill.

Dill works so well with fish, It is a strong flavour when fresh but cooking it mellows it and turns it into more of a subtle suggestion. In this dish it’s fresh and mixed into the relish so that strong slightly sour, slightly sweet flavour is eased by the cucumber. The white wine vinegar dressing and raw onion add a spark to a plate of soft flavours

In previous posts I have mentioned that the prep is one of my favourite parts of cooking. You get to handle all the individual ingredients and how you prepare them ultimately affects the outcome of the final creation. For the relish you need to chop the onion as thin as possible. Thick chunks of it would overpower everything else on the plate. I actually went through two onions for this. One I sliced slowly and carefully. The other I chopped fast like you see chefs do. I give most of the plaudits to my knife without which none of my chopping achievements would be possible, but I was happy to see that there wasn’t that much difference between the two.

This dish is from our HelloFresh box


Pan Fried Sea Bream With Brazilian Salsa and Cassava Chips

This is not my recipe. This recipe came with our Hello Fresh box.
Follow the link to the recipe on their website here.

Once again I have been pleasantly surprised by fish. The salsa was fresh and with the amount of chilli I put in a real slap in the face. At the time of cooking I didn’t see what the onion and pepper mix was going to add but while eating it you realise it gives a subtle sweetness to everything. The Cassava, this is something I had never seen or heard of before. It is like eating a tough potato, in a good way. There wasn’t a lot of flavour in them on their own but they did carry all the other flavours incredibly well. It was definitely a better dish for them.

Grilled Salmon Tarator with Bulgher Wheat Tabbouleh

This is not my recipe. This recipe came with our Hello Fresh box.

Follow the link to the recipe on their website The Recipe

Tarator, tarathor, taratur, or ttalattouri (Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian: таратор, Albanian: Tarator, Turkish: tarator, Greek: τταλαττούρι (Cyprus)), is a soup, appetizer, or sauce found in the cuisines of Eastern Europe. It generally includes ground walnuts, garlic, and yogurt or tahini, and often cucumber, herbs, and vinegar or lemon juice. – Wikipedia

Thank you Wikipedia, never heard of this before but will definitely do it again. Mine was quite thick, which is how the recipe showed it. It complemented the salmon perfectly. I would also be happy to just use it as a dip for an assortment of vegetable sticks. I have to say we ate this dish late and the mint and parsley had to be thrown so I replaced them with coriander and basil from the greenhouse.

 The walnuts didn’t really add flavour but gave the dish some bite. The onions were also a great addition. I have obviously cooked onions before but just adding red wine vinegar while they cook and letting it evaporate gave them that little bit extra. 

I probably over cooked my salmon a bit but it was still soft and flaked apart. I also had to drain my Bulgher wheat, I measured the right amount of water but never mind. It didn’t affect the flavour. Maybe I added too much oil? Not sure if this would affect how much water it absorbed. 

All in all this meal didn’t go perfectly or should I say I didn’t do it perfectly. However it was still a great easy dish that I would give an easy 7/10.

Cod with lemon and tomato risotto 

This is not my recipe. This recipe came with our Hello Fresh box.

Follow the link to the recipe on their website The recipe

I have to admit I’m not a big fish eater. Not through a dislike of it but more down to the fact I like meat more so given the choice I will always go with the turf over the surf. My second admission, I had never cooked a risotto before this. My wife always cooked the risotto if we had it and she is the Arborio queen. She never failed to deliver, always, it turned out perfect. Accompanied with sun dried tomato, basil and mozzarella stuffed chicken it would never fail to impress. So I had my reservations about cooking it. Would the Rissoto turn out the right consistency. Would I be able to cook the fish right I had never cooked a piece of fresh fish in a pan. The only fish I tried were the fish you get in a bag and put in the microwave.
Like all good recipes as long as you follow them properly you will end up with a great dish. This was no different, the risotto was near perfect (this is my opinion I’m sure there are differing views on the perfect consistency of a risotto) the fish was soft and flaked apart in delicate waves. The flavours were subtle and fresh while still being as satisfying as a meal twice its size. 

For want of a happy marriage I won’t comment on the comparison with my wife’s risotto but let’s just say I would have been happy if I had been served this meal in a restaurant. Please don’t think I am blowing my own culinary trumpet I am not. All credit to this meal goes to whoever in the Hello Fresh team came up with the dish and wrote the instructions. All I did was follow them exactly.