Orange Glazed Duck Breast with Kohlrabi and Lentils

Most people will have only eaten duck from their local Chinese and as good as that is, it doesn’t compare to a nice pink duck breast with crispy skin. There is a slightly gamy taste and although the meat is lean it has a nice fat layer under the skin that renders down and flavours the meat.

Kohlrabi, yet another new ingredient (I feel I have lived such a sheltered food life). It has a milder flavour than that of cabbage. Apparently kholrabi was made by artificial selection to gain a spherical shape with a higher ratio of flesh to skin. I’m not a big fan of cabbage but this was actually really nice. I wouldn’t eat it raw which apparently does happen but cooked in with this dish it worked really well.

Warning… I’m about to bang on about my love affair with lentils again. I love lentils. These were raw so not in a tin pre soaked and you could tell the difference they have such an earthy and natural flavour. 

This meal is from our hello fresh box

Duck with lentils and Spring greens

This is not my recipe. This recipe came with our Hello Fresh box.

Follow the link to the recipe on their website here.

Lentils, mmm lentils. These little Blighters are working there ways into one of my favourite ingredients. I remember from a young age my Mum making stews with pearl barley and lentils. I hated it, I picked out the beef and drank the gravy and left the rest. The thought of pulses, grains and the like we’re inconceivable to me as food stuffs. They weren’t meat or potato, they were painted with the same brush as vegetables and that brush had the ghastly shade of inedible. Now I can’t get enough of the lentils, maybe I should try pearl barley again. 

The jury is still out on the greens I think I like them, I wouldn’t pick them with a meal I was planning and I don’t think they were properly suited to this meal but I ate them without complaint. The duck which was cooked rare was amazing but.. the lentils made the meal the duck was good but better with them, the greens were good but only with them. The apple added a nice sweetness that was not needed but a welcome addition.