BBQ Rib Rub

Here is my BBQ rub that I used on my Birthday BBQ Chicken and Ribs. It’s a great sweet rub that forms a crust on the meat as it caramelises. It has a real depth of flavour that doesn’t overpower the meat. There is nothing like a good rub on your meat to take it to the next level. This rub goes with nearly anything but for me the King of the backyard BBQ meat is pork ribs. If you have a good butcher always use them. I have tried ribs from the supermarket and they are not the same. 

Next up I want to try beef ribs and if I can find it an American style Briskett. I’ll post more about that later. Here is the recipe for the rub. 

150g firmly packed dark brown sugar

150g white sugar

85g smoked paprika

3 tablespoons garlic powder

2 tablespoons ground black pepper

2 tablespoons onion powder

2 teaspoons rosemary powder

I add salt the night before to give it a chance to dissolve into the meat then the day of the BBQ I add the rub a few hours before. During the cook I wil spray the ribs with apple juice every hour or so. About 20-30 minutes from the end I will spread some BBQ sauce over the meat. This time I just used HP honey and BBQ sauce as its all I had and actually it worked really well. 

These measurements and timing should be followed very loosely as all meat and tastes are different. 

Birthday BBQ Chicken and Ribs

It was my daughters third birthday this weekend and she had a big party with all her friends from nursery. Then afterwards a few of our friends came over and of course the only thing to do on a sunny day with friends is a BBQ. I went to the butcher and got two racks of pork ribs and a whole chicken. 

The chicken I spatchcocked and added my BBQ rub, I also rubbed some under the skin but left the skin on to crisp up. The ribs I salted the night before to let it penetrate the meat. Then the morning of the party I added the BBQ rub and again left it to marinade. 

When it came to cook I setup my offset smoker and added some jack Daniels wood chips to the coals to add a little smoky flavour. I kept the temp around 160c for the duration. The chicken took around 3 hours and the ribs took around 5. About 30 minutes before the both were done I brushed on some BBQ sauce I hadn’t made my own so I used some HP honey BBQ sauce this made the meat nice and sticky as it caramelised. 

Everyone was quite hungry by the time it was done so I was kind of rushing at the end and forgot to get some more photos. 

I’ll post the recipe for the rub on a separate post as I don’t have the measurements with me.