New Veg on the Block, Kalettes

Is it time we replaced Brussels sprouts with something we actually like? Every year we put them onto our plate at christmas and every year they are scraped off our plate into the bin, or in our case into the dogs dinner bowl (a mistake as regrettable as adding them to our dinner in the [...]

I'm in two minds with this one. From a distance I really like it, up close not so much. I keep trying to tell myself that I have only just started painting so i'm not going to be good at it for a long while yet. The painting I used as my guide was "Autumn [...]

Oil painting number 2

Here is my second attempt at oils. Again I have used Leonid Afremov as my inspiration and a painting called "come together" I have left out the detail like the street lamp and the lighting from it. I am quite pleased with it though. I love this style of painting. 

My first time with oil paints 

This is my first ever painting with oil paints. I used Leonid Afremov's "Aura of autumn 2" as my inspiration. This is much simpler and without the brilliance of his obviously but for my first attempt I am quite happy.

Herbs in watercolour

I have started doing some sketches for a new series of posts I want to start on growing herbs and vegetables. Here is my first attempt. Hopefully you can tell what they are.