I’m in two minds with this one. From a distance I really like it, up close not so much. I keep trying to tell myself that I have only just started painting so i’m not going to be good at it for a long while yet. The painting I used as my guide was “Autumn Rain” by Graham Gercken which I found on Flicr follow the link to see the original. Autumn Rain (Seriously do it, it is amazing.

There are lots of things I need to work on obviously like technique and colour mixing. But, the main thing for me to learn is patience. I feel I need to finish the painting in one night. I did this in about three hours. I rushed at the end as it was gone midnight and I was shattered.

I tried painting the tree trunks with a brush. The paint was still wet underneath and I just couldn’t get it right. Any suggestions would be great

Anyway I am going to start another one tonight. We’ll see how that goes.

Oil painting number 2

Here is my second attempt at oils. Again I have used Leonid Afremov as my inspiration and a painting called “come together” I have left out the detail like the street lamp and the lighting from it. I am quite pleased with it though. I love this style of painting.