Christmas dinner

Photo courtesy of Ed Keating (He’s my brother in law I didn’t hire a professional photographer to take pictures of my Christmas dinner) find him here Ed Keating Photography. He’s definitley worth checking out, and his photography.

We have a traditional Christmas dinner. All the usual stuff. I Now cook my turkey on Christmas Eve though, there is not enough space in my oven to cook everything on Christmas Day. So I wrap it in bacon roast it the day before then carve it on the day and cover it all with gravy and stock then heat it back up in a tray. This allows me to get all the other gibbons in the oven at the same time. The meat always comes out tender and falls apart. The bacon I keep for my turkey sandwhich in the evening it is cooked beyond crisp and has soaked up all the fat and juice coming from the turkey. This year I removed the skin in one and put it back in the oven to crisp up. This also made it into my sandwhich, I’ll share that in another post. 

I love my Christmas dinner its a wonderful part of the day. It doesn’t matter that your plate is swimming with party poppers and Christmas confetti that is used to decorate the table. Or that mini screwdriver set that comes out of the cracker that we all think is useful but never use. Everyone stops and comes together to take a break from all the excitement and craziness of the morning to all focus on one thing, food. Admittedly this only lasts for about twenty minutes until everyone has finished the meal that you started cooking the day before and spent the last three hours cooking on the day. It doesn’t matter, it’s a great feeling watching everyone enjoy the food you have made for them. It’s like giving everyone an extra present. 

I hope everyone had a good christmas break and new year.


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