A Christmas Sandwhich that makes all sandwhiches for the rest of the year pointless.

The best part of the day. Christmas is great but it is a lot of effort and extremely tiring. My favourite part is the evening and the obligatory turkey sandwhich. The kids have gone to sleep happy the dishes have been cleared everyone is relaxed and picking at the snacks. For me it is a little me time. I must apologise to my family for not letting them make their sandwhich till after I had made mine to make sure I had enough filling. You have to understand this is the reason I crisp the skin separately and cook the bacon on the turkey. I would give them everything and anything I had if they wanted it, I love them all dearly but.. Christmas is a time of giving so all I ask is they give me first dibs on my christmas sandwhich. This year I out did myself and about two minutes after eating this I fell into a happy sandwhich induced sleep still with the plate resting on my inflated stomach and crumbs in my beard. 

So to make this sandwhich to beat all sandwhiches it is layered like so

Gravy soaked turkey

Thick cut cooked ham

Leftover sage and onion stuffing 

Crispy bacon cooked on the turkey

Fried leftover pork and apple stuffing

Crispy turkey skin

Another layer of gravy soaked turkey

About a tablespoon of mayonnaise



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