Apricot and Pecan Stuffed Pork with Honey Glazed Carrots and Green Mash

I know there are no photography awards on its way to me for this one. I also know it isn’t much to look at on the plate, there are however some things worth mentioning, aside from the watery mash and the burnt carrots. This blog is my food journey after all and that means my failures as well as my successes.

I’ll keep this quick, there were two great parts to this meal. The first was the honey glazed carrots. I have never had chantenay carrots before and they were super sweet and super tasty. They honey caramelised and made them sticky and even sweeter. Unfortuanatley i cooked them a bit too long and they came out a little shrivelled and burnt around the edges. They kept their flavour though and if I had the choice I would always eat my carrots like this. The second part was the stuffing for the pork fillet. It was only sausage meat, apricots and pecan nuts but they complemented each other so well. The mash was just broccoli and potato mashed together with a little butter and seasoning. It was OK but when I started mashing it together the broccoli released water like a squeezed sponge. I was left with what i would call a potato puddle.

All in all this was ok, it had great potential and I’m sure on a better day it would be a really nice meal.

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