Steak Tagliata with Rosemary Potatoes and Peppercorn Sauce


So simple yet so amazing. I managed to cook the steak perfectly rare this time (it helped the steaks were the same size and shape as each other) The broccoli was just drizzled in oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper then cooked in the oven until the edges turned crispy. The potatoes were seasoned sprinkled with chopped rosemary and tossed in olive oil the cooked in the oven as well. 

Growing up you would always find steak and peppercorn sauce in restaurants. I don’t see it much any more which is a shame because if there is any better flavour that goes with steak better than pepper I have yet to find it. I have cooked peppercorn sauce from a sachet before using milk or water to turn the powder into a sauce. I wish I had known how easy it was to make it from scratch. Soften your finally chopped shallots in olive oil, add the crushed peppercorn and fry for a minute add the beef stock and some water and leave to reduce by half. Take it off the heat and stir in Creme fresh. You can add a little butter here if you want. 

I can easily say this meal would be in my all time top 5. The vegetable is interchangeable it could be green beans, cabbage or  peas. But, steak, potatoes and sauce there are very few combinations that would even come close.


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