Pan Seared Sea Bass with New Potatoes and Cucumber-Dill Relish

Soft creamy potatoes, succulent flaky fish with a crispy skin. Fresh crisp lettuce and a zingy relish to bring the dish to life.

You want a midweek, healthy, easy, quick dinner, then look no further. Chop and boil potatoes, done. Pan fry fish until skin is crispy and flesh is white, done. Toss lettuce leaves with some extra virgin, salt and pepper, done. Then all you need to do is make the relish. Chop your onion into the thinnest half moons you can. Skin your cucumber then with a potato peeler peel slices off leaving the seedy centre. Mix them together in a colander with a sprinkling of salt and leave for 10 minutes. The salt will extract the moisture from them. After 10 minutes squeeze the rest of the moisture out. Mix white wine vinegar with some sugar and pour onto the mixture. Just before serving mix in the chopped dill.

Dill works so well with fish, It is a strong flavour when fresh but cooking it mellows it and turns it into more of a subtle suggestion. In this dish it’s fresh and mixed into the relish so that strong slightly sour, slightly sweet flavour is eased by the cucumber. The white wine vinegar dressing and raw onion add a spark to a plate of soft flavours

In previous posts I have mentioned that the prep is one of my favourite parts of cooking. You get to handle all the individual ingredients and how you prepare them ultimately affects the outcome of the final creation. For the relish you need to chop the onion as thin as possible. Thick chunks of it would overpower everything else on the plate. I actually went through two onions for this. One I sliced slowly and carefully. The other I chopped fast like you see chefs do. I give most of the plaudits to my knife without which none of my chopping achievements would be possible, but I was happy to see that there wasn’t that much difference between the two.

This dish is from our HelloFresh box


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