Mushroom,Broccoli and Pancetta Gnocchi

Pan fried gnocchi, crunchy broccoli, earthy mushrooms, parsley and Parmesan. Simple, easy, amazing.

We were given another opportunity to pan fry gnocchi. This time we nailed it. There was a slight crispness to the outside with a warm almost fluffy inside. There were few ingredients to this dish but all the ingredients were fresh, full of flavour and combined perfectly. There is an ongoing debate about fresh and frozen vegetables. Some say fresh is better because, well.. its fresh others say that frozen is fresher as it is frozen quickly which locks in all the nutrients and the fresh stuff is already days old by the time it hits the shelves, let alone your plate. Well, personally I think fresh tastes so much nicer, something is lost in the freezing or thawing process for me. And if you have a good market near you or better still grow your own then there really is no question.

Let’s talk fungus, chestnut mushrooms and the common mushroom or button mushroom are actually the same just a different strain. Although broccoli and Kale are different strains of the same thing and we all know how different they are. When the chestnut mushroom matures it grows into what we know as the portobello mushroom. I can only assume the button mushroom is never allowed to mature as we eat so many of them. The chestnut has a stronger flavour than the button, much richer and earthier. It’s the equivalent between farmed meat and game meat.

This recipe used chestnut mushrooms thankfully as I think the humble button would have been lost. A plants worth of parsley really brings out the flavours of the other ingredients and the Parmesan does what only Parmesan can.

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