Balsamic Steak with Red Cabbage and Potato Wedges

Perfectly cooked steak (in my case slightly underdone, it was a funny shaped steak) crispy potatoes wedges with Rosemary and a naturally sweet cabbage with onion and mustard seeds.

The steak we had was flank steak which comes from the under belly of the cow by the hind quarters. It is usually long and thin and does well to be cooked quickly on high heat to stay tender or cooked longer on low heat to help tenderise it. If you are not keen on rare to medium steak then you should look at a different cut when eating it as a steak. The flank however is often used it stir fries where thin strips are flash fried. The steak should be cut against the grain when serving as this will make the meat more tender. Personally I like my steak medium rare, maybe nearer the rarer side. This however was what I would call blue rare. The meat was still in a raw state in the middle and if cut any thicker would have been tough to chew. The plus side to this though is that it kept all its flavour.

It is a misconception that the resting juices from steak or red meat in general is blood. It is actually a substance called myoglobin that it is present in the meat, in fact it is what makes the meat red in the first place. The more myoglobin, the redder the meat. As there is a lot of water in the meat it gets pigmented by the myoglobin and when the meat is rested the pigmented water is released from the relaxed tissue and looks like it is still bleeding.

The cabbage is just onion, mustard seeds, white wine vinegar and red cabbage. You could add a little sugar if you wanted but I decided not to. It was a lovely accompaniment to both the steak and the wedges. The wedges were simply tossed in olive oil and chopped rosemary then roasted in the oven till crispy.  Simply by adding the rosemary it enhances the potato to something more than just your common wedge.

This meal is from our HelloFresh box

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