Moroccan Spiced Cod Parcel

Silky smooth cod with crunchy toasted almonds, orange sauce and full of flavour couscous.

I was meant to have some chermoula spice mix left for this, but I didn’t. Apparently I was too heavy handed with it last time I used it. So I made my own, I guessed the quantities but managed to have all the ingredients in my spice rack. It wasn’t as hot as the one we had from hello fresh. I added about teaspoon of cayenne but maybe it needed more with all the other spices. The flavour was still nice though. It got added to the fish and the cous cous. You couldn’t really taste it on the fish, it got lost in with the orange sauce. In the cous cous however it added a nice warmth that worked well with the citrus flavour of the fish.

The toasted almonds gave a nice bit of texture to the meal. I’m sure I didn’t need to use all of them but I did and it meant you got some with every mouthful. I loved the orange sauce. It was just orange juice, some of the zest, olive oil, parsley and salt and pepper. When tasting it I thought it would be too much but but it just complemented the other flavours

This meal is from our HelloFresh box

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