Tuscan Pappardelle with Rich Fennel Pork Ragu

This is such a simple meal, you will be amazed at the amount of flavour it gives you in return.

Pappardelle, originating from the Tuscany region and with a name that origins from the word “pappare” which translates to “gobble up”you know that you are in for a treat. The long thick strands allow them to carry so much sauce and flavour. In a previous post I mentioned gnocchi as being a great vehicle for carrying sauce due to its shape. Well if that’s the case pappardelle is an articulated lorry carrying all that flavour directly to your taste buds.

The tuscan sausage which we have had before is lovely. Tuscan sausage is apparently usually seasoned with basil, fennel, garlic, and white wine. I could definitely taste the fennel in there. The other flavours are all in there im sure, I just don’t have the pallate to pick them out. All that matters though is they are amazing sausages. The sauce is simple onion, garlic, fennel seeds and chopped tomatoes. at the end of cooking stir in the parsley and grate on your cheese.

These dishes are why I love cooking. Obviously I like cooking really hard dishes with a shopping list as long as my arm for the ingredients. using new techniques and equipment to create a delicate plate of art that everybody cant help but say wow at. This dish and others like it are what it is really about. You don’t need lots of ingredients, you just need the right ones.


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