Moroccan Meatball Potato Bake

Roasted peppers and onion, pan fried meatballs, spinach, potatoes and feta. More flavour than you can shake a stick at. There were a few elements to this dish that you had to bring together but it was totally worth it.

I may have added more feta than I was supposed to, like half a block.

But when you are going to grill it to get that slightly burnt crust on top, I would have added another whole block if I had it.

All the juices from everything melded into one fantastic flavour. It is put together by adding the part boiled potatoes on the bottom of the oven dish, then adding the roasted vegetables, tomatoes and spinach. Then on goes your meatballs. All the juices from this seap down into the potatoes which soak them up eagerly.

Admittedly it looks a bit of a mess on the plate but do you know what.. Who cares.

This meal was from our Hellofresh box


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