Pan-Fried Chicken With New Potatoes and Tarragon Sauce

What could be simpler; meat, veg, potatoes. This is a meal that I wasn’t going to post but, Do you know what, this meal is what I grew up on. Yes it may have had a different sauce, or no sauce, maybe it was pork instead of chicken. Sometimes we’d have carrots or peas. The potatoes could be mashed or boiled. But the result was the same, simple but tasty and satisfying.

At the time it was boring, of course I wanted burgers and chips and pizza. But now in today’s processed world it is refreshing to get back to basics.

Anyway back to this dish in particular, there is not much to say about the green beans and potatoes. No thrills, a little seasoning and oil on the potatoes is all. The chicken breast butterflied to make it even for cooking.

The sauce was subtle. Tarragon, although having a distinct flavour isn’t a showman. It doesn’t need to be the centre of attention on the plate. It quietly sits back and let’s the other ingredients take the stage. Which is exactly what a simple ensemble like this needs.


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