Let there be life

We’ll, I had nearly given up on these. I have been away for five days as well so they weren’t watered in that time. I honestly thought I would have to scrap this experiment.Then this morning I notice this

This is the vermiculite which is the one that i thought would work, if it was going to. Then I looked at the perlite pot and..

As you can see there is some mould (I’m guessing) on the surface but a single shoot has managed to grow directly in the perlite. How amazing is that. Then when you look from another angle,

You can see another shoot in the centre about to come through the surface and another just to the right of the first one. I honestly didn’t think they would grow in the perlite. And admittedly it has not performed as well as the vermiculite but that’s not to say there are other seeds that may prefer the environment that the perlite offers. I wish I did a control with compost to see how they compare. But now I know it works. 

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