Roasted Vegetable Tortilla with Herby Tomato Sauce

So tonight I should have had a home made pizza from my hello fresh box but I decided against it. Instead I used the ingredients plus everything I had in the fridge to make a massive portion of roasted veg. I then toasted a tortilla and had some in a wrap with a home made tomato sauce.

So in this medley we had; a punnet of tomatoes, a yellow pepper, a leek, a courgette, a sweet potato, a red onion, a ball of mozzarella, a portion of chorizo, a bunch of thyme and half a bunch of flat leaf parsley.

In the tomatoe sauce I had a tin of chopped tomatoes, two table spoons of tomato purée, 2 teaspoons of Worcester sauce, salt and pepper, a pot of mixed Italian herbs, a tablespoon of sugar and the other half bunch of parsley.

I think I’ve had more than My fair share of veg today.



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