Limey Chicken with Healthy Noodle Broth

This is not my recipe. This is from our Hellofresh box.

Yeah… I’m not really a broth kind of person. Through the whole meal all I wanted to do was pour the broth away. It’s not the flavour, that was ok. Maybe if it was just broth with bits of chicken and vegetables and you just ate it with a spoon. This however meant you just covered yourself and whoever was around you at the time (in this case Herbie my Chocolate Labrador) with the broth while you ate the rest of the food. 

The earthy flavour of the mushrooms and cavolo Nero gave the flavour a lot of depth that contrasted the fresh zing of the lime. What made it for me though was there was always an underlying heat. Not too strong but an ever present warmth that stayed with you even after the other flavours had dissipated. 

I think I would like to try this again but somehow make the broth into some kind of thicker sauce.

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