Birthday BBQ Chicken and Ribs

It was my daughters third birthday this weekend and she had a big party with all her friends from nursery. Then afterwards a few of our friends came over and of course the only thing to do on a sunny day with friends is a BBQ. I went to the butcher and got two racks of pork ribs and a whole chicken. 

The chicken I spatchcocked and added my BBQ rub, I also rubbed some under the skin but left the skin on to crisp up. The ribs I salted the night before to let it penetrate the meat. Then the morning of the party I added the BBQ rub and again left it to marinade. 

When it came to cook I setup my offset smoker and added some jack Daniels wood chips to the coals to add a little smoky flavour. I kept the temp around 160c for the duration. The chicken took around 3 hours and the ribs took around 5. About 30 minutes before the both were done I brushed on some BBQ sauce I hadn’t made my own so I used some HP honey BBQ sauce this made the meat nice and sticky as it caramelised. 

Everyone was quite hungry by the time it was done so I was kind of rushing at the end and forgot to get some more photos. 

I’ll post the recipe for the rub on a separate post as I don’t have the measurements with me.

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