Oven Baked Greek Style Meatballs

This is not my recipe. This recipe came with our Hello Fresh box. www.hellofresh.com

Follow the link to the recipe on their website here.

I could have sworn if I had looked up while eating this I would have seen white washed walls and crystal clear turquoise water. This really is the Mediterranean in a bowl. The lamb and the feta talk to you of comfort, family and Greek tradition. While the orzo pasta gently whispers in your other ear of passion and style that only the Italians can. The fusing of the two gives you something that is as much at home at a romantic candle lit dinner for two as it is around a great big table filled with family.

I may have used a bit to much olive oil in the pan for the vegetables, but I love olive oil. The meatballs weren’t sealed in a pan they were added raw to the vegetables and cooked with them. It’s only when you taste the finished dish that you realise why, all the juices that would have been sealed into the meat have now mixed in with the oil and vegetables. The lambs flavour is robust enough to handle loosing these juices and still have that delicately sweet flavour. 

This is definitely up there with my favourites from Hellofresh. 

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