Apparently there is more than one type of tomato plant.

So I have grown tomatoes before and never really realised that they have grown differently. Some have just grown without any help and others have needed some guidance and gentle persuasion to even stand a chance of surviving let alone produce any fruit.

Last year my tomatoes failed miserably. Looking back now I know they were Indeterminate varietys. I expected them to grow into happy little bushes (sorry been watching Bob Ross) that I could just water and they would in turn grow a bountiful crop of lovely tomatoes. Instead what I got was a huge tangled mess that because they were in a raised bed and I didn’t think to build a frame to let them grow up and be supported everything started to rot as no air was getting inside. 

Here is a good graphic that I found on that explains it. 

Image from

As space is an issue I think that indeterminate are best for me. I want tomatoes all season so determinate will take up too much space as I will need lots of plants to keep me going. I need to find out how to prune them what to cut what not to. I’ll do another post on what I find out. 

3 thoughts on “Apparently there is more than one type of tomato plant.

  1. That’s really useful to know. I’ve inherited some tomato plants this year that have got off to a really bad start but with a little bit of encouragement they’re turning out well! All I do is pinch out any shoots that start to grow next to a leaf so you just end up with a single tall stem. I guess that would be for the ‘indeterminate’ type from your information.


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