Friends or Foes – food rant and a possible life change 

First off I’m not afraid of spiders… Much. I’m happy to see them, happy for them to be around me and I am happy to pick them up and move them providing they are smaller than a 2 pence piece. Irrationally the bigger they are the more they freak me out. I know no spiders in this country can hurt me but that doesn’t stop me screaming like a child when one  decides to launch itself at me from the light fittings in my greenhouse. Unprovoked I might add. There is something about my greenhouse that seems to grow spiders the size of my fist better than it grows tomatoes.

I’m afraid I’m one of these people that can’t intentionally hurt anything. I genuinely feel bad if I accidentally step on a snail. I feel guilty about ripping down a spiders web. The effort it must take to build one and along I come and just wreck it all with a swipe of my hand. In my greenhouse I used to leave them alone if they weren’t in my way after all they were catching all the little pests that would probably be destroying my plants… Right? Now I’m going in there and seeing butterflies, bees and even a lady birds stuck in there webs. Then I’m torn, i want to help them escape they are all good for my plants. But.. By letting them escape I’m denying the spider of food. I’m sure most people are normal and are reading this and saying “yeah, right, it’s a spider kill it, hit it with your shoe, go get the Hoover” but I can’t help it. I have always been the same, all living things fascinate me. They are all amazing in their own way and even if they disgust me like slugs I still couldn’t bring myself to intentionally hurt one. Did you know for instance that a slugs slime will allow it to glide over broken glass or even razor blades without hurting it. Also they can stretch upto 20 times there own length allowing them to squeeze through the smallest of openings. Now isn’t that amazing if not slightly disturbing. 

It’s strange but as I write this I can feel the gentle tug of veganism. I do eat meat, in fact I love it but my blood boils when I see a chicken in a cage or pig pens where the mother is trapped laying on her side unable to move to allow her young to feed. I hate it, I wish I could trap the farmers in it (I use the term farmer loosely). How do we justify it, how do we justify the deforestation of the Amazon to make space to let cattle graze and then double that space to grow corn to feed them. when that same space could be used to grow food for people we could grow enough to feed everyone on the planet. Not only this cows cannot digest corn properly, they are built to digest grass. So why do it, money. Corn fattens the cow up quicker therefor the farmer can sell it quicker. The longer a farmer has a cow the more money it costs. 

Any way I am a hypocrite I eat meat, but is it through necessity, no. Is it education, maybe. From a child I have had it Drummed into me that a meal is meat with other stuff on the side. And for a long time I have wished I could open an American style BBQ place serving brisket and ribs. Even now it’s making my mouth water thinking about it but then I think of the animals and I… 

Well this post didn’t really turn out how I planned it. Just wanted to write a little bit about the pests in my greenhouse.I think I’m in a funny place at the moment about food and I need to make a decision. Do I accept the fact I eat meat and be more mindful of where I get it making sure it’s the best quality it can be. Or do I go with my heart and try to become vegetarian or vegan. I obviously have a lot of research to do. If anyone has any good blogs or sites that could help I would appreciate it.

I was going to edit this post to separate it from the original but hey it’s where my mind went so…


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