Duck a’lorange with an Asian twist

The duck and the Sauce saved this dish. Unfortunately for me the sauce got lost in all the rice and greens. Also I thought the greens would have more flavour having been cooked in the duck fat. We still liked it and both happily finished our plates. However I think, for me I would tweak it a bit.  I would make the sauce thicker. I love oil and I love this flavour but it needs a better vessel. 

The only duck I’ve really eaten was from our local Chinese. Which lets face it doesn’t really compare. I loved the flavour, meatier than chicken but less gamier than pigeon (tried it once at a restaurant in Manchester).

All in all I would recommend the flavours but try them in a different way. I’m not far enough along in my culinary journey to know how yet but maybe someone could tell me.

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