The Patch update

I feel a bit fraudulent at the moment calling my blog Herbs Patch when I don’t technically have a patch. The only things I have growing at the moment are basil, coriander, a small amount of lettuce and a few tomato plants. I have done a lot of work in the back of the garden and moved my greenhouse. There is a lot more space for the kids to run and play in now. I will get some pictures up when I have had a bit of a tidy up.

I no longer have any raised beds they never, really worked for me anyway. The time they needed to be weeded and cleared of pests I just couldn’t give them at the moment. So now I am going back to growing everything in pots. I did it the first year i started growing and I had plenty of produce so I am going back to that.

Tomato plant flowering.

Coriander, one of my favorite herbs.

Basil, how could anyone say they dont like basil.

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