My Knives

 I was lucky enough a few Christmases ago to be given a couple of amazing chefs knives by my wife and brother. They are from Kin Knives. I have so much to learn but one thing I have already realised is if you like cooking then nothing you can buy will give you pleasure more than using a proper quality knife. It makes you a better cook just by using it. For so long I used to hack away at a tomatoe thinking its the tomatoe, the skin is tough, that’s the way it is. Well it’s not.. these knives go through it like butter, there’s no crushed pulp left anymore just perfect intact slices. Yes, you need to look after them a bit more and yes they are more expensive but if you are a painter you buy the best brushes. Both knives are from the laminated Professional range. I have a 165mm Santoku which I use all the time. And a 120mm Petty knife that I use for smaller fruit and veg and things like fish which require a bit of a more delicate touch.

A while ago my in laws bought me a whole lamb and half a pig for me to butcher myself. They were from a farm up in Chesterfield and the quality of the meat was amazing. To do it though I had to get some tools for the job first being a saw. But also a couple of proper butchers knives. I got them from Amazon and again they made the job so easy. They are both F.Dick knives. First is a 12″ butchers knife and the second is a 6″ boning knife. I have only ever used the butchers knife for butchering the lamb and pig but I use the boning knife on meat joints and portioning chickens and such.


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