So the dishes you see me posting at the moment are not my own creation. They are from a company called HelloFresh. I am not here to sell the virtues of HelloFresh to you. But although I am cooking the food, I have to give them full credit as they do an amazing job at creating the recipes and sourcing the ingredients.

I didn’t want bang on about how good I think they are in every post I do so, I thought i’d write this post to tell you my experience with them and share what they do. I will always write at the top of a post if the dish is from HelloFresh, and I will link the recipe on their site for you to get the ingredients and instructions.

So what’s the story? Well.. basically.. you order your box from the website, you can pick either 3 or 5 meals a week for 2 to four people. We have the 5 meals a week for 2. they source local (where possible) produce direct from the producers and give you just the amount of each ingredient for each dish. This means there is no wastage and you haven’t got stuff rotting away in your cupboards that you needed for a meal once but will never need again. You get recipe cards that tell you exactly what to do including pictures to help. You also get the calories, Not that we are bothered by this but most are 600+ per meal which I can see being a problem for those on a calorie controlled diet. What I will say though is that it is all fresh and packed with goodness so for me I’d rather get more good calories than less processed rubbish.

This clearly isn’t for everyone, for one it is expensive, but you do get what you pay for. Also once you remove all your dinners for the week from your shopping list and the trips to the shops midweek because you forgot something or your lettuce has gone brown. It isn’t as much as you think. Secondly,  you need to like cooking. It is all relatively easy stuff but you do need to cook it every night. I love cooking but am not great at creating meals so this is perfect. We have different, fresh, tasty meals every week night.

We cannot fault HelloFresh. We have tried healthy fresh cooking in the past but it is so expensive to buy all the ingredients. It’s a crazy world when you can buy a pack of tomatoes for the same price a a frozen ready meal. We have lived off ready meals for a while and as much as you convince yourself that “its actually okay” it is downright depressing. they are bland and never satisfy you. eating that processed rubbish everyday really doesn’t do you any good.

So that’s it, we love it and maybe you will to but that is for you to decide. Check out their site, see what you think, ask them questions. Ask me in the comments if you would like to know more about our experience.





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