Excuses Excuses

“New year, new start” I said. “Time for a change” I said.. Yeah well I think you know where I’m going with this.  My blogging lasted a few weeks, learning Spanish lasted as long as it takes to say “No hablo español” and my veg garden, well lets say I used a broken pane of glass in the greenhouse which broke in a storm as an excuse not to be able to grow anything in there.

Well here we are half way through the year and i’m going to try again. Part of me thinks whats the point (that’s the lazy half that wants to play video games and eat chocolate and fried chicken) I’ve tried so many times why would this time be any different. Then the other half says “If I stop trying then it means I’ve given up!” well I haven’t given up. I am going to change! I am going to get this blog off the ground, I am going to learn Spanish and my kids will eat something this year that has been grown in the garden.




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