A gallery of what we started with.

The beginning
This was the state of the garden when we moved in. The pile of rubbish to the right of the picture was all in the greenhouse. Managed to get a few bits potted up to start me off. priorities.
More fencing down. That pile in the middle is the pile that came out of the greenhouse!
So much better already
Took me and my brother the best part of a day but we managed to shovel away all the stones and dump the in a skip out the front. He earned his dinner that night.
Goodbye privacy, hello sunshine
Next stop the trees. We liked the privacy that the trees gave but they blocked out the sun completely from the garden. So we made the decision to cut them down. It did give us back the last 10ft of garden that we couldn’t access with them
patio extension
We took up the slabs from the path and added them to the patio to give us a bit more space.
Who need a gym.
Another dinner earned, this time by my dad for not only helping me cut them down but to carry it all to yet another skip.

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