Start small.

I have a garden. I have a shed. I have a greenhouse. I have pots and trays, propagators, heaters, tools, seeds, watering cans, water butts. I have raised beds, wheelbarrows, trellis and climbing frames. In fact I have everything I need to be a successful vegetable gardener, but I am not. last year in early summer my raised beds looked like I would have enough food to feed our whole town. By the time I came to harvest I had lost the lot to pest, blight and all forms of other problems. I know most of it was down to me and the time I put in. I didn’t keep on top of the slugs and aphids I didn’t clear any bad fruits or vegetables so it spread throughout the plant.

This year I am going to start small, I am going to grow a small selection of my favourite herbs and veg and see how I do. Also I want to try succession planting. It was only after everything had died that I realised, if it had all survived everything would have been ready at once, I would then have nothing for the rest of the year.

With two small children I need to realise I don’t have the time I used to. But I want it to be successful, I want Zoe and Max to come into the garden with me and want to pull a tomato off the plant and just take a bite and to have helped grow it along the way, so they learn where their food comes from. Not be afraid of it and only want processed rubbish. Don’t get me wrong we still give them fish fingers and chips and crisps and other stuff every now and then. I think its nearly impossible to give them fresh home cooked dinners and lunches everyday when you both work. But, if we can get the balance right then not only will it give them healthy food but it will also give me some great times with my children in the garden making memories.


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